Health benefits of donating blood

Whole blood donation is the most common type of donation. A single donation can even help three people. Make sure not to get an illness and have a good wellness.

These people were split into two groups: Actually, doing good things for other people is one of the ways to lead a longer life. However, if you suffer from anemia, you should not give your blood because the loss of iron can make your condition worse.

Since some people with this symptom are willing to donate their blood. In fact, your body replaces blood volume, or plasma, within 24 hours, and red cells within 4 - 8 weeks.

Become a Donor

It can take about an hour and 15 minutes, from the time you arrive to the time you leave. Getting out of your usual environment to do something good for someone else is Health benefits of donating blood in the best kind of way. Health benefits of donating blood include good health and a reduced risk of cancer and hemochromatosis.

Bruising When you donate blood, you sit or lie on a reclining chair with your arm extended on an armrest. Dragoo explains that high levels of iron in the blood constrict your blood vessels and create more risk of a heart attack.

You can safely donate your whole blood every 8 weeks, automated red cells every 16 weeks, platelets every 3 days up to 24 times each year, and plasma every 28 days.

Keep the positive thinking that the donation activity has helped save lives. Call the blood donation center if: Applying pressure and raising your arm for a couple of minutes will usually stop this. A reduction in the iron level in the body is linked with low cancer risk.

Blood donation benefits everyone The health benefits of donating blood are considerable—but of course, the most important part of the process is helping to save lives. You may develop a bruise at the site.

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There is no risk of any disease transmission to a donor. This article was originally published in March Some states allow you to donate at 16 with parental consent. Donating blood is one of the altruistic acts anybody could do without even involving money. An elevated level of this type of cholesterol can clog your blood vessels and block the blood flow.

This is more likely to be a problem for men and post menopausal women since women of child bearing age shed excess iron through regular menstrual cycles. With heart disease being the number one cause of death in males, this is, indeed, an important health benefit of donating blood.

Free radicals have justly earned their reputation for causing cellular changes which can disrupt normal cell function and increase the risk of certain chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Health Benefits

A mini health exam that includes a checklist for diseases related to blood pressure and infectious diseases should be conducted before initiating the collection of blood. So, when you donate your blood regularly, you will always have an updated status of whether you are exposed to any infectious and dangerous diseases.

Typically, you should even weigh at least 55 kg if you want to give blood.

Health and weight

Plan to spend about an hour donating blood. Can I donate blood or platelets? However, the accumulation of iron in the body may cause coronary heart problems. You can donate whole blood every 56 days or up to 6 times a year.

Iron is needed to bind and carry oxygen in the body. In people over years-old, volunteering also reduces the risk of depression and loneliness. They may perform the donor every 7 days and within a year it can be up to 24 times. When you become a regular blood donor, you will remove excess iron from your body that can cause damage to your liver.

Doesn't donated blood last forever? According to studies, iron has been suspected as a mineral that can increase the damage caused by free radicals in your body. Rasmussen College may not prepare students for all positions featured within this content.

Make sure the blood is stored in a good blood bank.Your blood may flow better "If blood has a high viscosity, or resistance to flow, it will flow like molasses," says Phillip DeChristopher, M.D., Ph.D., director of the Loyola University Health. Donation FAQs. Use of Donor Information and Blood Samples in Research Q.

Why should I donate blood? A. Our area faces a high demand for blood. 9 Health Benefits of Maple Syrup Nutrition 1. Contains Numerous Antioxidants. According to studies comparing the total antioxidant content of natural sweeteners to refined sugar products like white sugar or corn syrup, substantial differences in total antioxidant content were found.

Giving blood is a simple thing to do, but it can make a big difference in the lives of others. Make a blood donation appointment with the American Red Cross today.

From reducing the risk of having a heart attack to discovering potential underlying health issues—donating blood has many health benefits for the donor as well.

Blood donors who donate regularly lower their risk of developing life-threatening illnesses.

Health benefits of donating blood
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